• Heat Treatment
We offer complete manufacturing solutions including custom machining, welding, heat treatment, chroming, gear cutting and technical support.

Precision Gears

ABSSCO is a precision gear manufacturing  company who offers a rapid turnaround service for bespoke precision gears & standard gear products in many different material grades, which include: Plain carbon steels, nitriding steels, heat treated carbon steels, phosphor bronze, aluminum bronze, brass C2121, All stainless steels 300 series & 400 series, titanium gears, aviation grade alloys 6081 T6 & 2000 series.

Structural Fabrication

ABSSCO has been constructing a huge variety of structural steelwork fabrications for many years. We have all the necessary structural fabrication expertise to construct reliable, high quality steelwork.

Precision Engineering

ABSSCO have a hugely extensive shop full of precision engineering facilities to carry out detailed repairs to shafts, rollers, sprockets and other machine parts. We also produce high quality units both individually or in batches depending on the job.

Plant Maintenance & Repair

We offer a wide-ranging machinery and plant repair service at our works facility to which there aren’t many things we cannot fix!

  •  Dozer blade repairs and rebuilding
  •  Excavator bucket repairs and rebuilding
  •  Loading shovel bucket repairs and rebuilding
  •  Skip & RO-RO bin repairs
  •  Vibrator rollers
  •  Jaw crusher attachments
  •  Trailer repairs
  •  Refuse vehicle repairs
  •  Excavator boom & dipper arm repairs
  •  Dump truck repairs
  •  Access platform cage rebuilding
  •  Scissor lift repairs
  •  Fuel and hydraulic tank repair and testing
  •  Rudder blade repairs
  •  Prop shaft repairs
  •  Sail boat stainless steel railing, pull & push pit repairs